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SEO audits are the initial parts of any SEO strategy. They outline the actions that are to be taken to increase a website’s visibility. As an SEO consultant, I know the difference between a good and bad SEO audit. My SEO audits aim to provide you with a deeper understanding of where your website is currently at and how it can be improved.

Various elements are taken into consideration when conducting SEO audits, and each one is bespoke towards your business. SEO isn’t as straightforward as it once was, with many new (and important) aspects to inspect. I dedicate a lot of my time and expertise to help outline all of these elements in a way that you can understand. To give you some insight as to what is included within my SEO audits, I’ve outlined some of what you can expect below.

What's included in a website SEO audit?

Technical SEO audit

It's critical to ensure that search engines such as Google can crawl, index, and rank your content. In-depth technical checks are conducted and recommendations are provided to help search engines find your website, as well as maximise SEO "power".

On-page SEO audit

This involves analysing your content for uniqueness, as well as ensuring that the correct keywords are being targeted. SEO-friendly content is a must for search engines to understand what your content is about in terms of its relevancy to a user's query.

Backlink audit

Looking into the backlinks that your website has and assessing their value, effectiveness, and quality. Having relevant links is imperative to sustained long-term rankings, as well as "immunity" to algorithm updates from search engines.

User experience

Are your pages loading quickly? Does your content match user intent? Is it easy to navigate through your website? These are some of the things that are looked into to determine if your website experience is good for your audience.

Competitor benchmarking

Seeing what the competition is doing helps to formulate a strategy, and your competitors will be thoroughly researched to benchmark key SEO metrics between themselves and your website.

No-nonsense approach

I will never sugarcoat anything to my clients. All of the audit findings will be outlined exactly as they are, to ensure that you are getting the most important insights in terms of how to improve your website's SEO.

Why choose me to audit your website?

I’ve conducted countless SEO audits throughout the years to a wide range of websites, and every single time I’ve managed to identify critical and actionable ways for my clients to improve their SEO.

Of course, there are many SEOs in the world, but many of them take a simple approach and run your website through a couple of free tools and list down a few simple recommendations. I don’t work like that.

When you hire me to provide you with an SEO audit, I make sure that all of the essential information is noted and explained to you, so you can fully understand what needs to be done. If the very “techy” terms are difficult for you to understand, I’ll explain them in layman’s terms. I’m passionate about helping my clients understand the recommendations that I’m providing, instead of simply sending them over in a poorly presented spreadsheet or document.

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Don't take my word for it!

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Professional SEO Audit

As an SEO expert, I take pride in providing professional SEO services that businesses actually value. All of the recommendations I provide will help your website improve, and are the basis of a strong, long-term SEO strategy. I’m extremely knowledgeable about what the best approach is once an audit has been delivered. My advice will ensure that the right direction is being taken for your business to become future-proofed in terms of having a sustainable SEO advantage.

I take time to look into your website and understand your business. This is something that many other SEO audit service providers miss out on – knowing how your business works. The research that I conduct into your business allows me to hone in on what matters most for you and your organisation.

If you have any queries about my SEO audits, feel free to click the button below and schedule a call with me. I can provide an overview of your website and where it stands currently, and we can discuss how best to approach your bespoke SEO audit.


Because every website is different, the time it takes to conduct an audit will vary. The biggest factors that can affect this is the size of the website, as auditing a small website is far quicker than auditing a website with thousands of pages.

I can always give you an estimate time figure during our initial call, so you have a rough idea in terms of the workload that needs to be undertaken.

The outputs of the SEO audit will compile all of the critical findings, as well as key recommendations to help your website’s SEO improve.

As mentioned previously, every website is different, so the outputs will likely change from site to site.

With the recommendations given to you, there are several options you can choose from. If you want changes to be implemented, I can work directly on your project if needed to help you make the changes to your website. Alternatively, if you have an in-house team of marketers, I can provide SEO training so that they can learn how to implement the changes highlighted in the SEO audit.

Ideally, SEO audits should be conducted every quarter to assess the long-term effects of the changes made. However, some clients prefer having audits done every month to assess their SEO efforts more frequently. I can help consult you on the ideal frequency for your website.

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